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Korean Cosmetics For South Africa

We're proud to bring the best of Korean beauty to the local market!
Discover the power of Korean skincare with KOCO 4 SA and let your inner beauty shine.

New Arrivals

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Discover the ultimate blend of skincare and makeup with TIRTIR Foundation. This luxurious foundation is designed to provide flawless coverage while nourishing and protecting your skin. Experience the perfect fusion of beauty and skincare with TIRTIR Foundation, and enjoy a flawless, radiant complexion every day.


Explore the beauty and innovation of VT Cosmetics, where cutting-edge technology meets the essence of natural beauty. VT Cosmetics offers a wide range of skincare and makeup products designed to enhance your natural glow and elevate your beauty routine.



Experience the transformative power of Cos De BAHA, a skincare brand dedicated to providing high-quality, effective solutions for all skin types. Cos De BAHA products are formulated with potent active ingredients and minimal additives to ensure maximum efficacy and safety.

“Yes, yes, yes! Without a doubt, worth it!
You will definitely see the difference from day 1 - I am very happy that I've started using these products. They absorb well, leave my skin feeling nourished, and a little really goes a long way. They leave my skin feeling smooth and looking refreshed. The products are high quality and last long. I highly recommend it - you won't be disappointed :)."

Dewald Schoeman

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