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Korean Cosmetics For South Africa

We're proud to bring the best of Korean beauty to the local market!
Discover the power of Korean skincare with KOCO 4 SA and let your inner beauty shine.

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Cos De BAHA South Africa


" Cos de baha- A brand that combines fun with results"

Cos de baha is the epitome of opulence when it comes to meeting your skincare needs. With their extensive range of top-notch range of skincare products including the likes of Hyaluronic Acid serum,Vitamin C, and Retinol its nothing but the best.

KoCo 4 SA is the official store for South Africa, directly importing from Cos De Baha's head office.


MULDREAM is a natural and vegan cosmetic korean brand focused on sensitive urban skin. 100% plant-based high performance ingredients skincare products.

MULDREAM South Africa


The rapidly changing environment is shoving us into the harmful environment, which damages our skin barrier. A weakened skin barrier that has lost its intrinsic ability to protect the skin sensitively reacts to harmful external elements, causing moisture loss inside the skin and damages to the skin.

“Atopalm Real Barrier” recreates a healthy skin barrier with the MLE Skin Barrier Formula and will protect your skin that has turned dry and sensitive because of a weakened skin barrier.


MEDI-PEEL, a high-functionality skin homecare brand
with genuine patent derma-technology
and high-quality ingredients.
Selected by Korean aesthetic experts who has various peeling and skin care solution knowledge.

MEDI-PEEL South Africa
HIDEHERE South Africa


HIDEHERE would like to give pleasure to many people around the world with reasonable prices, or a cheap price, for a better products with only investment for quality instead of unnecessary pretension.
HIDEHERE is wearing a new concept of spout pouch, breaking away from cosmetics containers that are not really important to keep the well-organized good ingredients intact while lowering the price of expensive cosmetics
This 'light' product that breaks away from heavy containers will lead not only the cosmetics market, but also a new lifestyle where important things are more important.

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